Presentations & Publications


Facebook Shrines: Blurring the Lines Between Sacred and Secular in the Time of Social Media. 2017 Society of the Anthropology of Religion Conference at Tulane.

Perceiving the Improbable: the (Hard) Evidence of Consciousness. 2016 American Anthropological Association Conference. Panel Organizer and Chair.

Perceiving the Improbable: Anthropological Serendipitous Insights for Math, Physics, and the Hard Sciences. 2016 American Anthropological Association Conference.

Opening Statements. At The Ethics of Facebook as research fieldsite and research platform. 2016 Joint e-Seminar with European Association of Social Anthropologist’s Media Anthropology Network and the American Anthropological Association’s Digital Anthropology Group and the Committee for the Anthropology of Science, Technology & Computing. 

Making Virtual Space Sacred. 2016 Society for the Anthropology of Consciousness. Spring Conference.

Understanding Culture and the Human Condition During Negotiations. 2016. University of Arkansas, Walton College of Business. Guest Lecture.

Facebook Shrines. 2014 Southern Methodist University. Dissertation Proposal Defense.

Bridging Digital and Physical Publics: Digital Anthropologists’ Current Engagements with 21st Century Publics Panel. 2013 American Anthropological Association Conference, Panel Organizer and Discussant.

Absorption and Awareness: A Pilot Study of Cell Phone Induced Transitions of Awareness. 2013 Society for the Anthropology of Consciousness Conference.

“Dancing with dysfunction”: Expanding considerations of the social and neurological implications of transformative states and insanity among healers and religious practitioners. (Afshun Kamrudin co-author) 2012 American Anthropological Association Conference

The Problematic Nature of Modern “Folk” Healing:  A Study of the Silent and Elusive Tradition of Cures and Charms in the Republic of Ireland. 2012. Southern Methodist University. Brown Bag Talk.

Healing Roots: A Look at Alternative Traditional Health Care Practices in the Ozarks. 2009 University of Central Arkansas, Honors College, Thesis Defense

Ozark Disclaimer: Folk Healing, Storytelling, and Words of Caution. 2009 Ozarks Symposium

Ozark Folk Healing: A Pilot Study. 2008 National Society of Ethnobiology Conference.

Print Publications

Healing Roots: A Look at Alternative Traditional Health Care Practices in the Ozarks, 2009, University of Central Arkansas, Honors College Undergraduate Thesis.

“Conserving Arkansas’s Agricultural Heritage.” Vino the Newsmagazine of the UCA Honors College. Spring 2008. Volume 26, Issue 2. 16-17.

“The Baltic States: A World Away.” Vino the Newsmagazine of the UCA Honors College. Fall 2007. Volume 26, Issue 1. 14-15.


Society of Medical Anthropology. Webmaster, 2017 to Present. 

Memorials and Mourning on Facebook. Content Editor and Webmaster, 2015 to Present.

Anthropology of Consciousness Open Access: Seeking ad Sharing. Content Editor and Webmaster, 2013 to 2018.

Digital Anthropology.  Content Editor, 2012 to Present. Webmaster 2014 to Present.

Writing Out Loud. Public Anthropology Blog at Sydney Yeager: Where Culture and Curiosity Collide. 2012 to Present.

Sydney Yeager: Where Culture and Curiosity Collide. Content Editor and Webmaster, 2011 to Present.


Selected Digital Publications

22 June – 13 July 2016. E-Seminar 57 on Facebook as research field and research platform. EASA’s Media Network In collaboration with AAA’s Digital Anthropology Group (DANG) and the Committee for the Anthropology of Science, Technology & Computing (CASTAC). Opening StatementsPhilipp Budka (University of Vienna), Jordan Kraemer (Wesleyan University), Martin Slama (Austrian Academy of Sciences) and Sydney Yeager (Southern Methodist University) (PDF, 120 KB)

“Let Your Light Shrine #UnitedWeStand #PrayfortheWorld,” Writing Out Loud. 2015.

“The Anthropologist’s Disclaimer,” Writing Out Loud. 2015.

“What Anthropologists Do,” Writing Out Loud. 2015.

“What is Anthropology?” Writing Out Loud. 2015.

“Performance Enhancing Drugs- College Edition,” Writing Out Loud. 2013.

“Politics and Wikipedia,” Writing Out Loud. 2012.

“Freedom of Speech 2.0 #freeandopen.” Writing Out Loud. 2012.

“Gunman Suicide,” Writing Out Loud. 2012.

“Nationalism, Communitas, and Spiderman,” Writing Out Loud. 2012.

“Irish America Day,” Writing Out Loud. 2012.

“Belief,” Writing Out Loud. 2012.

“The Future of Education,” Writing Out Loud. 2012.

“Opensource – Capitalism,” Writing Out Loud. 2012.

“Remembering Zora, Writing Women’s Worlds,” Writing Out Loud. 2012.

“What is the Place of Emotion in Humanistic Empiricism,” Writing Out Loud. 2012.

“Occupying the Future,” Writing Out Loud. 2012.

“Digital Anthropology…?” Writing Out Loud. 2012.


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