Sydney Yeager

Anthropologist ● Digital Media Specialist

I’m a cultural anthropologist who specializes in medical anthropology, digital anthropology, and religion.

An A.B.D. Ph.H. Candidate at Southern Methodist University, my dissertation examines communal mourning on social media. I explore virtual rituals as a vibrant part of user’s lived religion. While I write my dissertation, I am teaching part-time as an adjunct at Hendrix College.

I have seven years of experience working as a social media specialist and web designer. I am the current chair and convenor of the Digital Anthropology Interest Group of the American Anthropological Association known as DANG. As chair and convenor, I promote and support the work of digital anthropologists around the world.

I am the webmaster for the Society for Medical Anthropology.  As a medical anthropologist, I have conducted research on traditional storytelling and alternative health care practices in the Ozarks. I have also research cures and faith healing in the Republic of Ireland. My work in the Ozarks and Ireland led to my interests in how social relationships and social networks influence overall well-being and individual health outcomes. 

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Sydney Yeager Resume 2019

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